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Bring your motorcycle ride with the A.T.W. App, to the next level!

As an organizer/roadcaptain you have the possibility to play your announcements and music synchronously to several thousand participants who are connected to you via your cell phone and paired loudspeakers!
This means that you can stream your announcements over several kilometers up to the last row. Each individual participant decides the volume of the stream. Whether via the bike’s sound system, boom boxes or just via your own cell phone speaker or headset.

Possible uses of A.T.W.

Charity runs, veterans runs, santa runs, toy runs, rallies, MC rides, moving demonstrations with the bikes, demonstrations with the bikes in one place without elaborate speaker trucks or expensive equipment! Participants stream with the bikes’ speakers or via mobile boomboxes such as those from Sonos® or JBL®.

the announcements or the music of the organizer.



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