About me: Olli Zeriadtke

I was born in 1968 as a real Hamburg boy in Hamburg. Since I was 15 years old I am passionate about riding motorcycles.
My father, who was also an enthusiastic motorcyclist, has unfortunately already passed away….

With Him I had so many happy moments at the campfire, barbecue and on our joint moped tours. I have (had) the best parents in the world – I was always encouraged and supported in my decisions – thank you for that!

And I was not always easy….

My three grown daughters are firmly in life and fortunately all live in Hamburg. In June 2021 I became a grandpa for the first time, this was a very special moment for me – my daughters and my little granddaughter make me very happy and proud.

I started my life on two wheels on Enduro machines from Malaguti and Yamaha® and then moved on to Supersport Bikes like Kawasaki® Ninja and Harley Davidson® models. Currently I ride the latest model of the CVO® Ultra Limited.

As a trained industrial insulator, I have followed the professional path through many intermediate stations and independent companies and have now reached my goal as a tour guide and road captain for Harley® tours.

The idea for this app has been in my head for years – thanks to COVID-19 I finally got it implemented. COVID gave me the time and peace of mind I needed. Everything always has something positive – often only at second or third glance!

During my tours I always realized that something was missing!

I could never reach individual group members during the ride. Everybody listened to different music and actually you didn’t understand anything from any single song.

Now it is possible to send an announcement to single, several or all group members.

And if actually one member of the group has a problem, it was always cumbersome to inform the road captain. Now we have the ability to do all of this through the A.T.W. Worldwide® app. We can come to the aid of individual group members who have pressed the S.O.S. button.

Also, rallies with several thousand group members are easy to organize and navigate!

Since the lawmakers worldwide always new requirements to exhaust emission standards, volume, attachments, etc. the joy of driving often taken, we can now as a group on our motorcycles synchronously to hundreds / thousands “play our” music – then just the exhaust is no longer loud – only we will not let us take the fun and drive with our music through the country.

We do not let us take our freedom!

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