• Take your motorcycle ride, to the next level ! As an organizer/roadcaptain you have the possibility to play your announcements and music synchronously to several thousand participants who are connected to you via your cell phone and paired loudspeakers!
    This means that you can stream your announcements over several kilometers up to the last row. Each individual participant decides the volume of the stream. Whether via the bike’s sound system, boom boxes or just via your own cell phone speaker or headset.
  • Possible uses: Charity Runs, Veterans Runs, Santa Runs, Toy Runs, Star Rides, MC Rides, moving demonstration trains with the bikes, demonstrations with the bikes in one place without elaborate speaker trucks or costly equipment!
    Participants stream announcements or the organizer’s music using the bikes’ speakers or mobile boomboxes such as those from Sonos® or JBL®.
  • Also for events, Harley meetings or similar events with several single or hundreds of sales booths, the A.T.W. Worldwide® App is the cost-effective solution. You can share announcements, music, promotional announcements or jingles with your guests over the entire area via each individual vendor booth. Here, too, several hundred stalls can be connected without any problems.
  • MC exits can be guided to points on the navigation map. All participants are visible to each other, regardless of the direction from which they are approaching the target. These destinations were previously added by the organizer/road captain. This route can contain POIs or collection points to which the organizer can stream information. Even a “scavenger hunt” with several groups and tasks can be organized via the A.T.W. Worldwide® app without any problems! The MC anthem, for example, can be played over several hundred or thousands of bikes when entering events!
  • Multiple chapters can be color coded and navigated to one or more collection points on a navigation display!
  • Should a driver have a breakdown, accident, police checks or similar, this member of his group can send an SOS signal! Now individual participants or all participants can be navigated to the colleague in distress with a touch of a finger on the display. The entire group movement is visible to every participant!
  • Each participant is visible with his nickname for all participants and the organizer/roadcaptain. The organizer/road captain may make announcements to an individual participant, a group within the group or to all participants.
  • Nationally and internationally, live events such as Euro-Runs, World-Runs or events can be broadcast synchronously and decentralized groups can participate in this event. The respective local time in the regions must of course be taken into account. The organizer/road captain will send the access codes to the respective participants via WhatsApp or SMS. For large events of more than 1,000 participants, the organizer receives discounted conditions!
  • No video signals, clips or movies can be streamed! Only the sound is to be transmitted.
  • The MC can also get a whitelabel version of the app and design his own logo, name and colors for the app. The individual chapters of the club bear the respective costs. All Whitelabel customers receive a separate, own server, on which only the respective club is maintained! All servers are subject to strict data protection guidelines.
  • Prerequisites:
  • 1.) installed A.T.W. Worldwide® App
  • 2.) Current version of the cell phone software
  • 3.) stable wifi, mobile data or hotspots for data transmission.
  • 4.) GEMA licenses or fees for music are to be considered by the organizer
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