General terms and conditions



Use of the platform is only possible with agreement to the terms of use.

  1. Prerequisite for participation is a proper registration of legally competent, adult participants under true indication of all requested information on our registration form.
  2. All conditions mentioned here are also valid for the brands: and
  3. Users are obliged to immediately report any changes in information requested during registration the next time they use / and
  4. If untrue information is provided during registration or if a user fails to report changes, the user may be excluded from the event with immediate effect.
  5. Users are solely responsible for the security of their password. Passing on to third parties is not permitted. The password may only be used to gain access to / and If the password becomes known to unauthorized persons, the participant is required to change his password immediately.
  6. There is no right of use.
  7. The use of the app is only permitted for vehicles that are present.
  8. The respective road traffic regulations, regulations of the respective country and vehicle manufacturer specifications must be observed.
  9. The respective organizer is responsible for any GEMA fees. The songs and playlists are not part of the app.
  10. Each participant must have the latest version of their cell phone provider installed for full functionality of the app. For content downloaded and installed by third parties, this is done at their risk.
  11. A stable wifi or mobile data is mandatory. VIP-Harleytours is not responsible for any data usage or roaming charges.
  12. VIP-Harleytouren assumes no liability for errors or failure of the software and any inaccuracies.
  13. We strictly distance ourselves from all extremist groups, events and anti-constitutional statements, these must not be propagated via the app. This includes rules of conduct that have been accepted by confirming the terms of use. Not allowed are: insulting, harassing, threatening, hateful, obscene, defamatory, vulgar, pornographic, racist statements that violate the rights of third parties. Misleading or false statements that may harm natural or legal persons are to be refrained from.
  14. VIP-Harleytours may block or temporarily suspend your account for violations of the above policies.
  15. VIP-Harleytouren can not guarantee that our websites and stores work error-free at all times. For maintenance work on our servers may possibly be a loss of use, VIP-Harleytouren is not responsible in this case for any loss of data or profits.
  16. VIP-Harleytouren is not responsible for any content or streams provided by third parties.
  17. You agree to hold VIP-Harleytours and its officers and directors harmless if you violate any of the above policies. This applies to claims, demands, lawsuits, or accounting fees in reasonable amounts, all to the extent permitted by law.
  18. Sale of the company to third parties is possible at any time.

Please also note the privacy policy!

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